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September 8-14 is known as National truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). It happens every year and includes events around the nation to show appreciation for America’s truck drivers. At THE TRUCK MASTER SCHOOL School, we are proud to train the next generation of truck drivers, and every week for us is truck driver appreciation week! But since this is the week the country chooses to celebrate, here are 5 reasons to appreciate truck drivers.

1. Truck Drivers Keep Businesses Running

Every day, truckers deliver loads that keep all kinds of businesses up and running. Without dedicated truck drivers, these loads might not reach their destinations in time, causing financial havoc to business-minded Americans. It can even be said that truck drivers’ work drives the economy, since consumers rely on readily available goods and truckers help the supply and demand cycle. Positively impacting the economy is admirable work that should certainly be appreciated.

2. They Make Sacrifices

Working as a truck driver is not easy. They sit for long periods of time, they drive at all hours of the day and night, and they spend much of their time alone in the truck. If truckers have families, they may also spend long amounts of time away from spouses and children. This is a sacrifice knowingly made so that they can provide for their loved ones, and it deserves the utmost respect. Drivers may even miss out on special occasions – all so they can keep Americans’ lives and businesses hassle free. These drivers, as well as their families, are greatly appreciated.

3. Truckers Work Harder and Longer

When the rest of us get to stay in and hide during storms, snow, heat waves, and other inconveniences, but for truck drivers the show must go on. No matter the time of day or the weather conditions, truckers have a goal to accomplish and they must work long and hard hours to achieve it safely and efficiently.

4. They Help Keep Roads Safe

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that semi trucks have a 28% lower crash rate than other vehicles. Because of trucking schools like truck master school, truck drivers are better trained in safety maneuvers and practices. There are many steps that drivers take and procedures they follow in order to stay both efficient and safe. Truck drivers are also known to watch out for the more vulnerable drivers on the road, and some have even helped to stop crimes.

5. They Aid in Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes in America, we often rely on truck drivers to get supplies such as medical supplies, food, and clothing from point A to whichever point B is in need. From forest fires to hurricanes, truck drivers assist in providing relief to those in need when natural disasters occur. This everyday heroism is nothing short of amazing.