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Trucking with your dog can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of responsibility. Before taking the road trip together, take a look at the different things you should consider.

  •  Why You Should Bring Your Dog Along for the Ride?
  1. They Keep You Happy

Having a canine companion with you on or off the road can really improve your overall mood. Studies have shown that when spending time with your furry friend for just 15 minutes you become happier. There is something about those wagging tails and cute faces that really make it difficult to have a bad day. Including them on the road, where it can at times be boring, can really help.

  1. They Improve Your Health

When it is time to take a break and stretch your legs you can really get a workout by playing with your dog. They encourage a more active lifestyle which can be beneficial for your health. Not to mention dogs relieve stress so your mental health is better as well!

  • What Type of Dog?

If you’ve decided to bring along a furry companion, you need to be sure that you have the right type. Oversized dogs such as great Danes may not be the best for small space. Smaller dogs may be a better option in this case. Their short legs provide them with plenty of room to stretch out and if they have short hair, they won’t leave behind as big of a mess. The amount of time you travel on the road will also have an impact on the type of dog you have. If you are traveling for a long time, you may not need a dog that has a lot of energy unless you are okay with taking frequent pit stops. If not, maybe look into having a more lazy, older dog that is content with just taking a snooze next to you.

  • What to Bring
  1. Food & Water

The most important item to bring with you for your pet is food and water. When on the road for long periods of time, they need the proper nutrition just as you do. Make sure you bring plenty of food and water for the duration of your trip so that they do not suffer from malnutrition or dehydration. Taking care of your pet should be your number one priority when roading together.

  1. Leash

When it’s time to take a break, make sure you have a leash in handy so that your dog does not decide to take their own traveling route.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Have cleaning supplies nearby for when it’s time to spruce up your truck. Also, bring plenty of poop bags for when you need to make a stop or in case of any accidents.

  1. Toys

It can get boring sometimes on the road but having a little toy with them can help improve that. You will also need it when it’s playtime during your pitstops.

  1. Blankets

Bring along a blanket in case temperatures drop or if you just need something for their designated spot. They will be comfy and cozy with the nice, soft material.

These days, many trucking companies allow you to take a furry friend on rides! Get your CDL at SAN JOSE TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL