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Drive-a-Check (DAC)

As a trucker, it’s important to understand what Drive-a-Check (DAC) reports include and how they can affect you so you are fully prepared.

A career as a trucker allows you to enjoy the freedom of the open road. While this is a great job for many people, it also comes with significant responsibility. Semi-trucks are larger than the average vehicle and since you will be operating a tractor-trailer on public roads, it is necessary to prioritize safety.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for regulating the trucking industry and they require motor carriers to obtain certain information before employing drivers. This includes checking their motor vehicle record (MVR) and employment history.

The DOT does not require employers to use DAC reports specifically. However, many of the categories in these reports must be reviewed in some form for DOT compliance.


Who Compiles DAC Reports?

The background check service HireRight is the creator of DAC reports. They compile the information these reports contain and the goal is to provide an overall view of a trucker’s professional history.

A DAC report covers the past ten years of a truck driver’s employment history.


Some information that may be included:

Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) number and any restrictions or endorsements

A record of any accidents

Names and addresses of previous motor carriers you’ve worked for

Length of employment with each trucking company you’ve worked for

Types of trucks you’ve driven

Types of freight you’ve hauled

Details about your job performance

Your reason for leaving previous trucking jobs and your eligibility for rehire with those companies

Drug and alcohol testing results


You’ll want to make sure your DAC report reflects positively on you as a driver because it can affect whether or not a company chooses to hire you. In general, the best way to do this is to maintain a clean driving record and focus on safety and professionalism. Be polite and give proper notice if you quit any trucking jobs and take steps to minimize your risk of getting in an accident.


If there is anything inaccurate, missing, or incomplete in your report, dispute it. Keeping any records from throughout your trucking career makes this process easier.


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