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As the business year continues and another busy season begins, drivers everywhere continue their hard work–and employers, coworkers, and consumers alike struggle to find ways to show their appreciation. Below you’ll find a list of different suggestions on ways to show driver appreciation year-round, even as the holidays wind down.


One of the easiest ways to show driver appreciation is simply by saying the magic words. Hearing these appreciative words is great on the daily, but having a personalized card sent is even better.

Other great ways to show driver appreciation are by publicly acknowledging appreciation for drivers on social media


While acknowledging your appreciation for drivers publicly on social media is quick, easy, and beneficial for all, a couple of other fantastic ways to show driver appreciation is by planning annual appreciation events, like an annual awards ceremony or an annual appreciation week. An awards ceremony is an entertaining way to show how much you value your drivers not only to them–but to all who are involved in truck driving–from fellow drivers, to dispatch, to the truck driver’s families.


While bonuses are a simple and easy way to show you care, personalized and thoughtful gifts are much more meaningful. Truck driving can be a stressful job–both physically and mentally–so a great way to help drivers is by giving them gifts to make their trips easier, safer, and more enjoyable.


One of the other fun ways to show driver appreciation is along a similar vein to giving them lunch on you. Instead, though, plan a driver appreciation night for drivers and their families! By planning an entire night about showing you care and value the people and work that they do, everyone becomes just a little bit more joyful.