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Iowa 80, located just off Exit 284 on I-80, is the world’s largest truck stop and a place almost every trucker has been to at least once. But do you know all the unique services they offer or how it became the largest truck stop in the world? Here’s everything you need to know about the historic truck stop.

What is the Iowa 80?
Iowa 80 first opened its doors in 1964 before construction on Interstate 80 was completed. Iowa 80 founder Bill Moon saw that the new highway would be a major freight corridor and a place for truckers to refuel, freshen up and relax from the road.

The Iowa 80 started as a small gas station where drivers could get what they needed before getting back on the road. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that Bill was able to expand the services and offerings of the Iowa 80 and the rest stop began to resemble what it does today.

What services does Iowa 80 offer?
The Iowa 80 offers everything drivers expect from a traditional truck stop and much more. They have 16 diesel fuel lanes, two dozen private showers, 10 restaurants, and 900 parking spaces. It’s all part of their ideology to build bigger so drivers don’t have to wait.

Over the years, Iowa 80 has continued to grow, thanks to the Moon family’s investment in the stop. It soon became the world’s largest truck stop, offering drivers luxury amenities like a movie theater, barbershop, and chiropractor on-site.

If you’re a history buff, The Iowa 80 has something for you, too. You can visit the Truck Museum, which features some of the earliest known trucks, Petrolina and vintage gas station collectibles, and vintage toy trucks.