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Before deciding on a job, truck drivers need to consider a lot of different factors. Pay, home time, type of run and company policies all make a difference in which carrier a driver will eventually choose to work for.

You don’t want to be blindsided, or worse, tricked, into accepting a job which doesn’t work for you. We put together a list of the most important truck driver interview questions that drivers

should be asking before taking a job with a new company.

What kind of truck will you be driving?
One of the biggest concerns that drivers have is the kind of equipment they’ll be using. This is understandable as a driver’s truck is their home away from home.
1. What types of trucks does the company use?
2. Am I expected to take care of truck maintenance?
3. Is there slip seating?

Company Culture
Drivers should ask general questions about the company to get a sense of who they will be working for. Many drivers say they are looking for a family-oriented company, which will respect them as a person and not just a disposable number.
1. How many employees does the company have? How many drivers?
2. What is the company’s turnover rate?
3. Am I able to talk to a current driver about their experience with your carrier?

The most important consideration for drivers are issues around pay and benefits. You want to make sure the company is offering a pay package that fulfills your financial needs. Companies have different ways of offering home time and vacation time too, so you want to make sure you understand the details.
1. What types of benefits do you offer?
2. Are there any bonuses for safety, fuel, sign-on, performance, driver referral?
3. What are the details of your home time policy? sick time, vacation?

The next most important thing drivers want to know about are operational details.
1. What type of freight will they be hauling and what runs will they make?
2. In which states do you operate? What kind of runs do you have?
3. How do you calculate driver miles?

These are just some of the truck driver interview questions you should be asking when considering driving for a new carrier. There will always be other questions to ask based on the specific company and you and your family’s unique needs.