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The only vehicles that log more miles over the holidays than Santa’s sleigh are trucks.

While the rest of the working world takes time off, truckers are more likely to work even more hours, delivering all the goods that make the holidays possible. And, sometimes, that means driving on days when it seems like everyone else is opening presents or celebrating with friends and family.

This holiday, not only should we leave out cookies for Santa, but also say a thank you to truck drivers. They lend a big hand (and rig) to ensuring all the food, gifts, supplies, parcels arrive at their destinations on time. It’s actually a lot of work!

It’s not only a lot of parcels being delivered, but Christmas is the most popular season for cards. Nearly 1.6 billion holiday cards are purchased and delivered. Now that’s a lot of mail!

This holiday season, let’s show some appreciation to the truck drivers out there, who are working hard at all hours of the day, away from their families, to provide for us and ensure we have a nice holiday.