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If you recently passed your CDL driving test, you know the relief, pride, and satisfaction that comes with it. Truck driving can be a great career, and if you’re thinking of becoming a driver, passing the CDL driving test is your first step.

As with any test, the best way to pass the CDL test is to study. Every state has some
kind of guide or study material for their CDL test. Once you know the material, start taking practice tests.

But, just keep in mind that the CDL test is a little different depending on what state
you’re in.

With the written portion of the CDL test done, it’s time to show off your driving skills.First of all, make sure you know the truck.

In addition to knowing the inside of your cab, there are a few skills you must have to pass the CDL driving test. Some of them are obvious, they don’t stop or move at intersections. Others are abilities that you may need to be more aware of.

For example, it is very important to use proper entry and exit techniques when getting on and off the truck.

When you take the CDL driving test, it’s easy to focus on the things that will be
challenging, but don’t forget the basics. These are the things that are probably almost second nature to you, and you do them every time you drive.

Keep both hands on the wheel. Check your mirrors and scan regularly. Signal all lane changes. Watch for speed limit signs and be sure to drive a few miles per hour below the speed limit. These are all common sense basics, but make sure they are obvious when you take your license exam.

Above all, stay calm even if you make mistakes. You are likely to encounter at least one small unexpected surprise while taking the CDL driving test. Take the new information and move on. If you made a mistake, correct it for next time.

A calm personality and the ability to respond well to unexpected changes are key for drivers. Demonstrating that skill on a test drive will impress your evaluator and give them confidence in your ability to be on the road professionally.