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If you’re a new truck driver, you’ll want to know all the trucking tips available to help boost your career. Becoming a truck driver is a great career move. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or you’re brand new to the field, there are several trucking tips and tricks that you should know.⁠ ⁠

1. Be Flexible⁠ ⁠

Because there are so many different types of jobs available to drivers, remaining flexible is extremely important.

2. Keep Open Communication⁠

Make sure you establish good relationships with your dispatchers and your trucking company and ensure that you keep communication open.⁠

3. Stay on Schedule⁠

There are many moving parts involved in getting freight where it needs to go, so being on time makes a huge difference. Many customers rely on truckers’ pickups and deliveries to keep their businesses moving, and keeping these customers happy is top priority.⁠ ⁠

4. Focus on a Healthy Diet

⁠ Not much can be done about the extended time on the road, but by focusing on a healthier diet you can help keep yourself in tip-top shape and avoid any adverse effects on your overall health.⁠ 

5. Have Entertainment Options

⁠ ⁠Take some time to find a few podcasts or audiobooks that pique your interest. That way, you can learn something new while keeping yourself focused on the road. ⁠

6. Have a GPS ⁠

There are few things worse than getting lost, and this awful feeling is only amplified when it happens on the job and you’re crunched for time.

7. Keep a Clean Driving Record

If you’re looking to maintain your career as a truck driver, it is imperative that you keep your driving record clean. This doesn’t just apply to your CDL record, but to your personal vehicle record as well. No tickets, no accidents, no log book violations or other citations.

8. Practice Parking Often

Don’t wait until you have to pull into a tight space to practice, instead take advantage of empty parking lots whenever possible.

9. Know Your Worth

Truckers are an essential part of our economy, and being aware of this will help you make sure you’re receiving the treatment you deserve.

10. Refresh Your CDL Knowledge

Whether this means increasing your certifications, adding new endorsements, or simply taking a knowledge refresher course, keeping your knowledge fresh is essential if you want to boost your trucking career.