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Truck Driving Careers off the Road

Beginning as a truck driver is an excellent way to ready yourself for a truck driver career off the road. Your on-the-road knowledge will give you experience with the rules of the road and you’ll be able to empathize with driver demands and workload.

 Truck Driver Dispatcher

As a truck driver dispatcher, you are a reliable point of contact for the company’s truckers. In inclement weather, traffic, or unforeseen circumstances, the dispatcher is there to answer questions and solve issues while the driver is on the road. You’ll have to be on your toes and able to provide an action plan that balances customer desire and trucker safety.

Your primary job is to manage the company’s non-human assets. This includes scheduling the “when,” “where,” “who,” and “how” of the company’s drivers, freight, time, and more.

Truck Driver Recruiter

Similar to dispatchers, communication and organizational skills are key for truck driver recruiters. Consider becoming a recruiter if you love being around others and forging relationships with others, as you’ll interact with countless prospective hires every day. They will pre-screen drivers, seek out qualified leads, and stay in touch with new hires. On a given day, you could manage hundreds of leads while putting recruits through orientation.

Having industry knowledge from past truck driving experiences can give you excellent insight into how to select the most viable driving candidates.


If you are a truck driving veteran, your familiarity with the truck’s internal and external features can help you launch into a truck driver career as a mechanic. Truck drivers go through countless pre-trip inspections and they’ve learned how to overcome obstacles with their vehicles on the road. These experiences will translate well off the road. Mechanics take it to the next step by using tools and methods to repair these vehicles.

Launch Your Truck Driving Career with SAN JOSE TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL

In all truck driver careers, obtaining your CDL is the first step.