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Truck drivers are in high demand and this is a great job for veterans because it is a good match with your skill set.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of becoming a trucker after military service: 


Job security in the trucking industry is unparalleled and the demand for truckers continues to rise. There are 1.3 million trucking companies out there looking to hire you, so you know if you choose to become a truck driver there will always be a job available. In addition, you will be getting the pay you deserve

One of the benefits of this kind of job security is that once a company hires you, there is a possibility of staying with them for a longer period of time.



As a veteran, you understand the value of service. You took pride in serving your country as a member of the armed forces, so you may want a job that allows you to continue to contribute to your country. It can be a struggle to find a career focused on service where you also get great pay and benefits. If this appeals to you, truck driving could be a great choice.

American truck drivers transport 70% of United States freight. Without truck drivers, the country’s economy would not be able to function. Drivers help keep grocery stores stocked, vital machinery running, and so much more. When you work as a trucker you know you are making a difference in the daily lives of your fellow Americans.

The trucking industry values your military service and will work with the skills you have already developed. The training to become a trucker is also quick and easy. You can get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in as little as 6-8 weeks with our program.