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There is still room for plenty of new drivers in the trucking industry, and if you have your CDL and experience at a trucking school, you could be one of them. New drivers need to take the place of the previous generation and learn to use new technology, so they can sustain an industry that always has a need for drivers.


The trucking industry needs new drivers. Trucking companies experience low turnover rates and the drivers who work for them enjoy great job stability, which means they work at the same job for many years. Everyone must hang up the keys at some point though, and there are always people from earlier generations retiring. The industry needs new drivers to fill those seats and keep business moving.


Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in the trucking industry. Young people, on average, are more tech-savvy than older folks, so it’s easier to pick up on new gadgets and adapt to updates that haven’t come out yet. Younger drivers are also easier to train, making them great assets to the industry.


Trucking jobs are still available, and there’s a significant demand for the services trucking companies have to offer. The industry needs to fill these driving jobs faster than the rate at which veteran drivers are retiring.

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