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This is a career with many values and certain abilities. Because of that, it’s important to understand just what special skills you may need to have to be a good fit in the exciting and fast-paced industry of driving trucks.


Do You Need Special Skills to be a Truck Driver? Is yes. You do need some special skills to be a truck driver but not exclusively ones taught in school or gotten through certificates.

Truck driving is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, and it doesn’t require anything you can get your CDL license without a high school diploma. But while anyone with a CDL can be a truck driver, not everyone will want to make it their life’s work unless they have some of these skills.

Being detail oriented and organized is an important special skill that goes a long way when working as a truck driver. Being organized can make or break a trip, and that’s before you even consider the highly organized life of an owner operator.


Truck driving can be dangerous, both for the driver and everyone else out on the road. Because of that, truck drivers need to be safety conscious at all times. It’s vital that truck drivers complete pre-trip inspections and trip planning, as well as follow the DOT rules and regulations on performing unloads.

Another special skill truck driver should have. PATIENCE!


While it may not sound like patience is one of the more important special skills to have to be a truck driver, having the ability to keep a cool head and stay dedicated and on task is hugely important for this industry.

Truck drivers deal with all sorts of stressful situations, ranging from long fuel lines to uncontrollable delays to reckless drivers. Because of this, it’s important that they can stay calm and collected in even the most dramatic situations.


In our modern era, we almost always can use a GPS to get us places. However, when it comes to trucks, not all technology will always be 100% accurate. Because of this, it’s important to feel comfortable reading paper maps and road atlases, as well as be able to follow directions in writing or by phone.


As a truck driver, you have to have at least a mechanical understanding of your truck. Having a base knowledge will save you time and money if something happens on the road.

Change lights

Replace fluids

Put chains on your tires

Conduct your own inspections

And more.


There is a golden rule in trucking to expect the unexpected. Many things can happen while a driver on the road that didn’t fit into the original plan of how the day would go. Without communication, there can be missed loads, lost miles, and delays in the freight.

Finally, communication is simply a special skill that many different jobs require. Strong communicators are better at developing professional relationships, which can lead to long term growth in the industry and more career opportunities.

Without your CDL, you simply don’t have your career. Because of this, you have to stay protective of your CDL and follow the rules to keep it.

While it helps to have a natural aptitude for some of these special skills, many of them can be taught on the job and at CDL training.

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