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As 2023 hits its stride and we get closer to the middle of the year, trucking issues and trends have come and gone. Certain trends, though, are here to stay.

Truck Driving, the Economy, and You

Due to many issues, such as inflation, labor concerns, and the failure of regional banks, the economy is veering closer and closer to a recession. However, the trucking industry may see some unexpected gains. For truck drivers and consumers alike, jobs and goods will remain available even if a recession hits.

New Regulations

The fundamental changes you should be aware of are:


  • Effective January 2023, the FMCSA became the only source for employer inquiries to meet requirements concerning identifying prospective drivers with drug and alcohol convictions.
  • The research on how best the FMCSA can qualify unfit trucking companies continues. They aim to further increase the removal of unsafe trucking companies.
  • Lastly, the FMCSA continues trying to mandate speed limiters for heavy-duty trucks.


Supply Chains

Pandemic and post-pandemic lockdowns, container scarcity, extreme weather, material shortages, and more have led to these disruptions. To prevent as minor damage from supply chain issues as possible, businesses should diversify their suppliers, order bulk, and communicate with customers and suppliers.


Truck drivers, consumers, and suppliers are more likely to have issues without preparation. Pre-trip preparation can include checking with your dispatcher on the news and situation with supply chains or checking if there are new regulations you should be made aware of.

Life on the Road

Although keeping abreast of the latest regulations in truck driving is essential to your and your company’s success, taking care of yourself should also be one of the  things to know about truck driving. After all, without the truck drivers, the trucking industry would lack its most active members. Truck drivers should prioritize their mental and physical health by getting regular check-ups, getting a good night’s rest, and doing hobbies they enjoy!


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